Bio-Nanomaterials Core

About the Core

The mission of the Bio-Nanomaterials Core is to leverage the expertise and resources at USC in biomaterials and nanomaterials, and to link the Big Data platform with biomaterials and nanomaterials to accelerate the design and discovery of novel bio- nanomaterials to improve health. Big Data application in bio-nanomaterials is unexplored territory, offering an unprecedented opportunity for UofSC to initiate and pioneer in this area. Biomimetic nanosized scaffolds for tissue engineering, and nanomaterials for drug delivery and biomedicine are just a few examples in which Big Data will revolutionize bio-nanomaterials research and development. With Big Data supports and using data mining and data analytics in nanomaterials and biomaterials, we are expecting to significantly accelerate the process to design and discover bio-nanomaterials for healthcare applications. The Bio-Nanomaterials Core will be co-directed by Drs. Qian Wang (CAS) and Frank Chen (CEC) and consists of strong expertise in biomaterials, nanomaterials, drug discovery, and biosensing. Please contact Dr. Wang at

Activity 1

The Bio-Nanomaterials Core aims to foster the collaborative research activities in the forefront of biomaterials and nanomaterials sciences. Some ongoing research projects include: using the big data approach to develop bionanopore-based de novo protein/peptide sequencing techniques for clinical point-of-care applications; developing automation method to investigate cellular responses to different nanomaterials; nanomaterial catalyst for clean and environmental-friendly energy conversion and storage; and developing a rationale design platform for disease-modifying nanoparticles.

Activity 2

Investigators of the Bio-Nanomaterials Core have diverse content expertise in the area of nanomaterials and biomaterials research. We offer our assistance and consultation and potential collaboration to your research project or grant, or business development.

Activity 3

The Bio-Nanomaterials Core hosts a variety of seminars, courses, and workshops on bio/nanomaterials sciences for investigators and students across a broad range of disciplines. Please check the Events tab for more information and future event dates. You can also contact our Director for course-related listings offered on the UofSC campus.


Qian Wang, Ph.D.

Core Co-Lead

The research in Wang group is divided into four distinctive but inter-connected topics: (1) chemoselective functionalization of bionanoparticles (BNPs); (2) self-assembly of BNPs towards materials development; (3) cell-recognition study with BNP-assemblies; and (4) fluorogenic reaction for protein imaging and recognition. All these researches point to one direction: to build three-dimensional programmable scaffolds that mimic the native extracellular matrices and can be used to probe the cellular activities.

Dr. Chen’s research interests include synthesis and characterization of materials for energy conversion and storage, catalysis and electrocatalysis, composition, structure & property relationship, ionic and electronic conducting ceramics, solid oxide fuel cells, solid oxide electrolysis cells, and gas separation membranes.

Chang Liu, Ph.D.

Core Member

Ming Hu, Ph.D.

Core Member

Dr. Hu’s research interests include modeling and simulation of micro-/nano-scale thermal transport in novel energy systems, in particular low-dimensional materials and nanostructures, and energy nanotechnology, interfacial heat transfer for advanced thermal management, and multi-scale and multiphysics modeling of complex energy transport process.