Tutorials & Videos 

Seminars & Workshops

Employing Social Media to Improve Mental Health: Pitfalls, Lessons Learned, and the Next Frontier by Dr. Munmun DeChoudhurry of Georgia Tech

Geographic Information System (GIS) Across the Biomedical Research Continuum by Dr. Abiodun Oluyomi of Baylor College of Medicine 

Integrating Simulation Modeling with Big Data in Oncology by Dr. Shi-Yi Wang of Yale School of Public Health

Knowledge-Aware Suicide Risk Prediction by Dr. Qingpeng Zhang, City University of Hong Kong

Twitter-Derived Measures of Sentiment Towards Minorities and Associations with Adverse Birth Outcomes and Cardiovascular Disease with Dr. Quynh Nquyen, University of Maryland

Tales from the Botanical Crypt: How Digitized Herbarium Collections can Provide new Avenues for Salient Research by Dr. Herrick Brown, A.C. Moore Herbarium

Quantifying Neighborhood-Level Social Determinants of Health and Risk Landscapes Seminar with Dr. Marynia Kolak, University of Chicago

Multivariate Spacial Data Analysis in GeoDa Workshop with Dr. Marynia Kolak, University of Chicago

Leveraging the Science of Where for COVID-19 Response and Recovery with Esri. Featuring Jared Schoultz and Este Geraghty.

Tutorials & Informational Videos

Origin-Destination-Time Flow Explorer App Tutorial

2021 BDHSC Pilot Project Call for Proposals

Annual Conference

2021 Annual Student Case Competition Winners

2021 Annual Conference Recap

2021 Closing remarks by Dr. Cutler, Dean of UofSC College of Pharmacy

2020 Pilot Projects

A showcase of the projects of Dr. Banky Olatosi, Dr. Ronda Hughes, and Dr. Swann Arp Adams

A showcase of the projects of Dr. Whitney Zahnd, Dr. Jiajia Zhang, and Dr. John Brooks

A showcase of the projects of Dr. Yuan Wang, Dr. Guoshuai Cai, and Dr. Homayoun Valafar

A showcase of the projects of Dr. Caroline Rudisill, Dr. Anwar Merchant, and Dr. Benjamin Schooley