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Part of the University of South Carolina Excellence Initiative, UofSC Big Data Health Science Center (BDHSC) serves as a campus-wide interdisciplinary enterprise that conducts cutting-edge research and discovery, offers professional development and academic training, and provides service to the community and industry.

Recent News


UofSC Faculty Receive Nearly $500,000 in Funding from BDHSC Pilot Project Program

The purpose of the Pilot Project Program is to stimulate and promote interdisciplinary research in Big Data health sciences by supporting meritorious applications that utilize existing data sources in order to address critical issues related to health behavior, patient care, healthcare delivery, and population health. In its inaugural year, the BDHSC Pilot Project Program awarded total of $498,875 to 12 UofSC faculty across campus. 

COVID-19 Webinar and Slides Available

The video recording and presentation slides for our webinar “Leveraging the Science of Where for COVID-19 Response and Recovery” are now available for viewing and download. The June 23rd webinar featured representatives from GIS software service provider, Esri. 

Call for Abstract Submissions, National Big Data Health Science Virtual Conference

We are seeking abstract submissions responsive to the conference theme “Unlocking The Power of Big Data in Health – Bring Innovation into Improved Care and Prevention”. Presentation options include: plenary session presentations, breakout presentations, and virtual poster presentations. Deadline for abstract submissions is September 30th, 2020. If you are interested in submitting an abstract, or for more information, please visit the 2021 conference website at

COVID 19 Response

The UofSC BDHSC has responded quickly to create a comprehensive response in the fight against COVID-19. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BDHSC has achieved notable results at coordinating existing research efforts and integrating dozens of fields of expertise to find solutions. To date, approximately 25 BDHSC faculty members is working on 19 different research projects. These projects are aiming to provide the framework and resources such as a state-wide data-driven system to fight COVID-19 in South Carolina, the use of social media data to help predict future pandemics and so on. 

The scopes of the projects range from investigating the different ways that COVID-19 impacts people; making better predictions of COVID-19; designing telehealth services and technology innovations for the future; and engaging cutting-edge methods through artificial intelligence, data science, computational methods and statistical modeling.

NIH Grant to Develop Data-driven Strategies in Fighting COVID-19

This two-year grant will support the team’s efforts to develop a database system via REDCap and a mobile application for collating surveillance, clinical, multi-omics and geospatial data on both COVID-19 patients and health workers treating COVID-19 patients in South Carolina.

NSF Award for “Monitoring the Spatial Spread of COVID-19 through the Lens of Human Movement using Big Social Media Data”

Three members of the BDHSC have been awarded $108,717 by the National Science Foundation for their project titled “Monitoring the Spatial Spread of COVID-19 through the Lens of Human Movement using Big Social Media Data.

Internal COVID-19 Research Grants

The UofSC Office of the Vice President for Research recently announced the recipients of its special internal funding initiative to support COVID-19 research and scholarship. BDHSC is pleased to announce that of the 42 projects funded, BDHSC faculty serve as PI for 10 projects and Co-I for 7 different projects.


Novel Pattern Identification Methodologies for COVID-19 Medical Patient Data, August 26, 2020
Collaborative Data Conference with VA Health Care System and BDHSC, August 18, 2020
Leveraging the Science of Where for COVID-19 Response and Recovery, June 23, 2020
Big Data Analytics Workshop on Statistical and Machine Learning of Challenging Neuroimaging Datasets, May 1, 2020
BDHSC Live Lecture: Big Data in the Time of COVID-19, April 24, 2020
“Bayesian Regression for Group Testing Data”, Joshua Tebbs, Professor of Statistics,University of South Carolina, February 26, 2020
UofSC National Big Data Health Science Conference, February 9 – 11, 2020

The University of South Carolina’s National Big Data Health Science Conference is a signature annual event of the UofSC Big Data Health Science Center (BDHSC). The theme for the 2020 Conference will be Unlocking the Power of Big Data in Health – Partnerships among Industry, Government, and Academia.

UofSC National Big Data Health Science Conference, Case Competition 2020, February 7 - 9, 2020

The Big Data Health Science Case Competition is intended to provide enthusiastic teams of graduate and senior undergraduate students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge to the analysis of big datasets in healthcare.

“Leveraging Social Media Technology to Improve Health and Emotional Well-being” Seminar, Dr. Patricia A. Cavazos, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, January 29, 2020
“Integrating Multi-Modal Biobehavioral Data to Treat Substance Use Disorders” Seminar Dr. Brett Froeliger, Medical University of South Carolina, October 30, 2019

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