AIDS Supplement:
Harnessing Big Data to Halt HIV 

BDHSC MPIs Dr. Xiaoming Li and Dr. Bankole Olatosi served as supplement editors for the AIDS special issue “Harnessing Big Data to Halt HIV” (AIDS 2021, Volume 35 Supplement 1) released in May 2021. The issue can be accessed here,

The special issue draws attention to the power of Big Data in ending HIV. It features a wealth of BDHSC authors including; Dr. Sharon Wiessman, Dr. Xueying Yang, Shujie Chen, Dr. Banky Olatosi, Dr. Xiaoming Li, Xiaowen Sun, Dr. Jiajia Zhang, Dr. Chen Liang, Dr. Chengbo Zeng, Dr. Zhenlong Li, and Dr. Shan Qiao.