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Request to Join the South Carolina Big Data Health Science Network (BDHSNET)

The BDHSNET is composed of members across the State of South Carolina (SC) from a variety of disciplines who for the most part are actively engaged in utilizing Big Data in health science research, or are in leadership roles aimed at promoting, and/or making strategic use of data and analytics for health care policy and practice.

Supported by both the SC SmartState Center for Healthcare Quality (CHQ) and the UofSC Big Data Health Science Center (BDHSC), BDHSNET will promote interdisciplinary and inter-sector collaborations in cutting-edge research and discovery, professional development and academic training, and technology commercialization and entrepreneurship.

The BDHSNET Listserv will serve as a virtual platform to facilitate communications and collaborations among the network members. If you are interested or know of other colleagues or friends who might be interested in joining BDHSNET, please complete the Expression of Interest Form or contact BDHSC project coordinator Ms. Miranda Cole at or 803-777-8615 for more information.