BDHSC faculty is actively involved in grant applications. The list below includes selected federal data sciences grants awarded to BDHSC Faculty.

Grant Number
Total Award
R01AI127203 (2017-2023) Big Data Analytics of HIV Treatment Gaps in South Carolina: Identification and Prediction Li & Olatosi $3,300,000
R01AI127203-04S1 (2019-2023) Big Data Driven Clinical Informatics & Surveillance – A Multimodal Database Focused Clinical, Community, & Multi-Omics Surveillance Plan for COVID-19 Li & Olatosi $1,250,000
R01AI127203-05S2 (2021-2023) Multi-level Determinants of Racial Disparities in Maternal Morbidity and Mortality During the COVID-19 Pandemic Li & Liu $886,186
R01AI164947 (2021-2026) Patterns and Predictors of Viral Suppression: A Big Data Approach Olatosi & Zhang $3,557,900
R25AI164581 Big Data Health Science Fellow Program in Infectious Disease Research Li & Zhang $1,755,000
T35AI165252 Big Data Health Science Scholar Program for Infectious Diseases Olatosi & Hikmet $763,670
R01AI165560 (2022-2026) Next Generation Mosquito Control Through Technology-Driven Trap Development and Artificial Intelligence Guided Detection of Mosquito Breeding Habitats Nolan $1,532,699
R21 AI170159 (2022-2024) The COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Among People Living with And Without HIV: A Real World Data Approach Yang $398,262
U01HD110062 (2022-2027) Mitigating Effects of Telehealth Uptake on Disparities in Maternal Care Access, Quality, Outcomes, And Expenditures During The COVID-19 Pandemic Hung & Li $3,051,433
R21AI170171 (2022-2024) Curating A Knowledge Base for Individuals with Coinfection of HIV And SARS-Cov-2: EHR-Based Data Mining Application Liang & Li $398,311
R21AI169139 (2022-2024) Informatics Approach to Identification and Deep Phenotyping of PASC Case Liang & Li $398,311
R01MH127961-1S1 (2022-2023) Utilizing All of Us Data to Examine the Impact Of COVID-19 On Mental Health Among People Living With HIV Li & Qiao $107,840
R01AI164947-01S1 (2022-2023) An Ethical Framework-Guided Metric Tool for Assessing Bias in EHR-Based Big Data Studies Olatosi & Qiao $267,578
R01AI164947-01S2 (2022-2023) Personalized Prediction of Viral Suppression among Underrepresented Population Using All of Us Data Olatosi & Zhang $100,000
NIH 75N95022P00690 (2022-2023) Computational Taxonomic Meta-Analysis to Identify Strategies to Support HIV Treatment Adherence and Retention Qiao $312,362
NSF # 2028791 (2020-2022) Monitoring The Spatial Spread Of COVID-19 Through the Lens of Human Movement Using Big Social Media Data Z Li $100,000
NSF 2118311 (2021-2025) Cybertraining On P4 Programmable Devices Using an Online Scalable Platform with Physical and Virtual Switches and Real Protocol Stacks Crichigno & Hikmet $499,540
NSF SPN0001379 (2019-2022) CC* Networking Infrastructure: Building A Science DMZ For Data-Intensive Research and Computation at The University Of South Carolina Crichigno & Hikmet $498,525
DOD (2022-2024) Electromagnetic and Cyber Research and Experiential Education (VICEROY DECREE) Hikmet $312,980