BDHSC takes a collaborative and campus-wide approach that encourages an interdisciplinary spirit by engaging faculty across campus and using research methods and theoretical frameworks across disciplines. BDHSC also leverages and expands existing partnerships with community and industry to identify their needs in Big Data health analytics, as well as engage them to best use their data to improve operational efficiencies and identify viable and sustainable research collaborations.

Affiliated Labs and Centers

Geoinformation and Big Data Research Laboratory

Established in 2015, the Geoinformation and Big Data Research Laboratory (GIBD) at the University of South Carolina is a collaborative effort of a group of faculty and students, conducting interdisciplinary research on geospatial big data analytics, spatiotemporal analysis/modeling, high-performance computing, cyberGIS, and geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI) within the area of data and computational intensive GIScience.

South Carolina SmartState Center for Healthcare Quality

The South Carolina SmartState Center for Healthcare Quality is committed to engaging in innovative research that will enhance the quality of health for individuals in South Carolina and around the world. Our mission is to contribute to advances in healthcare and population health through rigorous research, education, community engagement, and policy advocacy.

UofSC Innovation Think Tank Lab

Located in the heart of Columbia, SC, the UofSC Innovation Think Tank (ITT) Lab is a fully-equipped environment for research, innovation, and experiential learning available for students, researchers, and professionals to work, study, and create solutions to real world problems. The UofSC ITT Lab is the first Innovation Think Tank Lab affiliated with a U.S. university, as part of Siemens Healthineers’ global network of Innovation Think Tank Labs.