Annual Conference 

A signature annual event of the BDHSC is its National Big Data Health Science Conference. Bringing together leaders from academia, government, health care and industry, key topics of the conference include electronic health records, geospatial, social media, genomics, and bionanomaterial research. More detailed information about keynote speakers, panels, workshops and other events are available on the conference website.

Virtual 2021 Conference, February 5-6

The Virtual 2021 Conference Theme is Unlocking the Power of Big Data in Health: Bringing Innovtion into Improved Care and Prevention

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Conference Schedule

Highlights of the conference include keynote addresses from leaders in academia, government, industry and health care, breakout sessions in electronic health records, bionanomaterial, geospatial, genomic and social media research, panels on COVID-19 and other topics, workshops including sessions from SAS, and networking opportunities. To learn more about the 2021 schedule and speakers visit the BDHSC Conference Website 


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Abstract Submission

Interested in submitting an abstract for plenary, breakout, or poster sessions? The submission deadline is September 30th. Find more detailed information about the submission process on our conference website. 

2020 Conference, February 9-11

The theme for the  2020 Conference was Unlocking the Power of Big Data in Health: Partnerships Among Industry, Government, and Academia 

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Conference Schedule and Speakers

2020 Speakers included Pallavi Talekar, James Marron, Steve Kearmey, Susan Gregurick, Eric Poon, Joseph Hogan, David Patterson, Cathleen Bennett, Penney Cooper, Brandon Fornwalt, Paul Gerrand among others. To view a full list of speakers and the 2020 conference schedule visit our conference website.

Downloadable Presentation Slides

To download slides from 2020 conference presentations, visit our conference website.