R25 e-Scholar Account

Summer Institute

Trainees will come to the USC Columbia campus for a 6-week intensive training institute (exact 2024 dates TBD). The institute will provide curriculum-based training in basic Big Data research for infectious diseases including workshops such as Introduction to Topics of Big Data, BDA Techniques (SAS, R, data management/analysis), Infectious Disease Research, Public Health Research, Professional Development, Responsible Conduct of Research, etc.

Each day of the summer institute will be held from roughly 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Days will generally consist of two morning lecture sessions covering topics coinciding with the theme of the week (3 hours total), group discussions (1 hour), computer/statistical programming (2-3 hours), literature review, and case study (roughly 2 hours).

Social hours and networking activities will be organized for the trainees throughout the 6-week summer institute as well.  Housing and a stipend will also be provided to support trainees during the camp.