The recording of our March 24 seminar “Twitter-Derived Measures of Sentiment Towards Minorities and Associations with Adverse Birth Outcomes and Cardiovascular Disease” is now available for viewing. This seminar welcomed Dr. Quynh Nguyen of University of Maryland School of Public Health. 


About the Seminar:

Interpersonal and structural racial bias are leading explanations for the continuing racial disparities in birth outcomes but research to confirm the role of racism has been hampered by challenges in both measuring racial bias and evaluating its impact.

We use Twitter data to characterize area-level racial hostility and examine the associations with adverse birth and cardiovascular outcomes. In this webinar, we cover  Twitter data collection and processing, sentiment analysis, and use of machine learning to classify tweets for racist content.

Use of nontraditional data sources like Twitter has the potential to lead to greater tracking of area-level racial bias and to provide essential information needed to develop interventions to reduce the impact of racial bias on health.

Dr. Quynh Nguyen, PhD, MSPH, is an assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. Her current research program focused on creating and validating neighborhood indicators constructed form nontraditional Big Data sources such as social media data and Google Street view images.